5 Home Building Trends to Look for in 2017

It is easy to associate the word ‘trend’ with something that is fleeting or temporary. Of course, that can something be true. But when it comes to these homebuilding trends that is not the case. The latest home building trends are centred on long-established principles of design, which means that they achieve practicality and good looks. That is the key to a sustainable and forward-thinking home design. The five home building trends listed below achieve distinction through practicality and liveability and effects are fantastic!

Sustainable Design

Sustainability and modern design go hand in hand. The days of boxy houses and power-hungry heaters are gone. They have made way for the new trend in home building, which is sustainable design. Sustainable designs employ engineering and architecture to minimise power consumption and improve livability. The benefits that flow from sustainable design are many and varied. You get to reduce the cost of power, improve the comfort of your home and, notably, protect the environment. Sustainable design has certainly taken off in 2017, but it is here to stay.

Open Plan Living

In Australia, space is almost a given. Openness is almost a way of life for a lot of Australian families, so it is only natural that open plan living is taking off. Breaking down the boundaries between living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and the outdoors is a fast emerging trend in home building. It fosters greater feelings of space in your home and allows you to experiment with a host of different design methods. With open plan living, you can really make the most of the space you have. That makes this home building trend one to watch.

Alfresco Living Spaces

Patios, decks and verandas are all quintessential Australian home features. They have been a large part of Australian home building for decades, but in 2017 they are gradually being reinvented. Classic decks and patios are becoming more active parts of the home; they are becoming alfresco living spaces. The latest home building trend is to connect these areas more consciously with other parts of the home.

For example serving windows in the kitchen can connect it to the outdoor livings space. Floor to ceiling glass doors can then bring the entire living room into the equation! Before you know it, your outdoor living space is just as accessible as any other room. Add some outdoor furniture and you have the perfect alfresco entertaining area.

Island Benches in the Kitchen

Island benches work exceptionally well with the open plan living trend. In 2017, we are seeing a shift away from the kitchen as a separate room. Instead, it is connected unrestrictedly to the other living spaces in your home. This means you have space for an island bench. The island bench is a fantastically practical addition to any home. It provides unparalleled workspace and you can tailor its design to suit any décor. As far as home building trends go, the island bench is right up there for practicality and storage!

Darker Colours are Making Frequent Appearances

The classic whites and browns of your standard Australian home are making way for more bold colour schemes. Among these, are the darker, more brooding blacks and greys that are really gathering speed in the home building scene. These colours might seem bold, but they are actually quite diverse. Of course, not everyone wants an entirely black or dark grey colour scheme. But strategically placing a few deeper shades around your new home can create an understated and elegant ambience. It is certainly a home building trend worth giving some thought to!

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