New Homes in Canberra—What to Build When You Own a Small Block of Land

When you own a block of land in Canberra but it is on the small side, it is comforting to know that there are plenty of new home designs you can choose from. Especially when Dixon Homes is your chosen building company. It all comes down to experience. Dixon Homes has over 50 years’ experience delivering quality new homes to Australians just like you. Continue reading

Design Features To Consider When Buying a New Home Off The Plan In Canberra

Many Australians choose to buy off the plan when the time comes to build a new home. There are plenty of financial benefits to be enjoyed and it is an increasingly popular option. You’ll find much of the hard work has already been done for you by a new home builder who knows the tastes, layouts and building requirements of Canberra buyers. This leaves you to lock in your colour scheme and make any tweaks to suit your needs, which is appealing to busy home investors.

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Advantages Of Building A New Home In Canberra

Should you renovate, purchase an existing house or build a new home? It’s a common question many Australians ponder and one that can certainly cause some divide.  For many, renovating the family home is a challenge that is too cumbersome to even contemplate.  But buying a preloved home can mean you end up inheriting more than just the history it brings.

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Energy Efficient Home Designs – Cold Climates

There are many benefits to buying or constructing a new home – some might view it as a financial investment, whilst others see it as in investment in the future of them and their family. Either of these standpoints are entirely valid and depending on which one you may take, there are several factors that ought to be considered so as to maximise the benefits that result from your decision. Arguably the most important of these is the design of your house. When building a new home, having the option of energy efficient home designs, will automatically take into account a multitude of external and internal elements and this is especially so when building in colder regions of Australia.

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5 ‘Must Haves’ When Building a New Home

Building a new home is extremely exciting and at the same time can be just as frightening. There are so many decisions to be made, factors to consider and what-ifs to contemplate. Luckily Dixon Homes understand all there is no know about building new homes in the Canberra area. Not only do they take the guess work out of the process but ensure you actually enjoy the ride. With a warranty second to none and transparent pricing, taking advantage of the Dixon Difference is going to ensure you leave nothing to chance.

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Top Eight Benefits of Buying off the Plan in Canberra

There are plenty of good reasons to buy off the plan and when you live in Canberra and want to secure yourself a brand-new home in a location that suits your lifestyle, there really is no better option. Knowing the right suburb to call home, which areas are ripe for growth and ensuring you are close to everything you need, can be a challenge. Without knowing where to start, building a new home can feel more daunting than it need be. If you are looking to secure yourself a brand-new property, but aren’t sure where to start, Dixon Homes has the answers. Let’s take a look at the top eight benefits you can enjoy when you purchase a home that is not yet built!

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Invest Now: It’s a Buyer’s Property Market In Canberra

The sun is not necessarily shining brightly on the Canberra property market at the moment however forecasters predict the tide is turning and Canberra is set to enjoy the start of prosperous times ahead. Real estate experts suggest property values may decline in the short term but good things are coming. However from under the gloom that this region has endured for some time, comes a silver lining and fantastic opportunities for investors and those looking make a move to the country’s capital.

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The Nation Was Built Here – Why You Should Build a New Home in Canberra

Welcome to the capital of Australia, a cosmopolitan city and a great place to build a new home . There is just so much to love about Canberra it’s hard to know where to start. Australian art, culture and history can be experienced on any given day. Foodies can rejoice in the food and wine scene. If outdoor adventure is your thing, you’ll find Canberra your playground, with plenty of green, wide-open spaces.  In fact, there’s so much to do in Canberra you probably do need to move here to experience it all!

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Building Advice: Include these features to avoid retrofitting later

Building a new home is the perfect opportunity to plan for the future, and this means equipping the home with the right features to shield you from the cost of having to make drastic structural changes to the home later on. While this is likely to add costs to building the home, adding these features after the home is built, will in many cases mean significant changes to the home will need to be made. This can be almost three times as costly as if these had been planned for in the building stage – and far less inconvenient as you will not be living in the home as the changes are being made.  Here’s a list of what to consider including in your home as it’s being built. Continue reading

Should I Choose A Project Builder?

We’re not going to claim that a project builder is the right solution for everyone. For large scale luxury builds, those that wish to have a high level of control over specifics, or for those who want to draft unique house plans, a custom builder is probably the best option. However this customisation, and control comes at a much higher price. Continue reading