Home Design Features For a Young Family

There are many ingredients to the perfect home design. When you have young children or are planning on starting a family in the near future, it is important to create a home that serves them well. Considering the needs of today and the future allows a house to really become a home that everyone can enjoy for a long time to come. Let’s take a look at the key features you may want to incorporate into your new home design.

Location – proximity to everything a family needs

We all know how valuable a home’s location is. For many, it’s the first box that needs to be ticked. The chosen suburb though is more than the attraction of a leafy green neighbourhood or proximity to public transportation. When we invest in property and build a home, we typically plan to spend many years there and make countless memories. So when you think about location, think about schools, access to main roads for ease of travel and commuting to work, amenities and even local parks. The location of your home when planning for your family needs to be all encompassing.

Space – room to grow

A young couple may not need that much space however when children come along, you’d be surprised at just how much extra space is needed. Of course, it all depends on your unique lifestyle requirements but consider all of the additional elements that come into play. Not only is there a need to house a cot and or beds, but clothing, toys and let’s not forget a space where kids can be kids; where blocks can be used to build tall towers and books can be read to incite imagination. Incorporating just one extra room into your home design now will save you time, frustration and money in the long run.

Floor plan – convenience and flow

You’d be surprised how a visit to a local showroom or display home can really get your mind thinking about the importance of a home’s floor plan. Little things from how convenient it is to bring groceries in from the car, to taking washing out to the line and even the proximity of the bathroom to the living zones; all elements that make life that much easier.

When you have children, you’ll always be keeping an eye on them and looking forward to shared mealtimes and fun gatherings. Consider open plan living zones where the family room extends into a space where meal preparation time doesn’t mean you are out of earshot. Options for alfresco dining are also popular to incorporate so that your family can spill out onto a deck in the warmer months and enjoy the fresh air, whilst still being close by.

Safety – a number one feature

It goes without saying that the safety of a home is non-negotiable. Tying the open plan living zones into your home gives you the opportunity to be around your children and keep an eye on them whilst still giving them the freedom to play. When you partner with a renowned new home builder, you’ll experience more safety features than you could imagine. It’s not just the energy rated appliances and knowledge that the home is built to superior standards; it’s also about incorporating some of the lesser known design tweaks into a home, such as storage for kitchen appliances and utensils and rounding off bench tops and eliminating sharp edges.

Kids are messy, kids are noisy and kids are inquisitive. Most of all kids bring life and soul to a home. Considering a range of home designs that are kid friendly when you plan to build will give you peace of mind that your family will love spending time together in a property that is purpose built just for you.

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