Key Reasons To Visit a Display Home Before Locking in your New Home Builder

Choosing from the new home builders Canberra has to offer requires a lot of thought and plenty of decision-making. It’s important to consider the range of possibilities on offer and the quality of finish to ensure you ultimately realise your dream. You see more than just a house when you visit a display centre. In fact, the range of properties available for you to experience first-hand with Dixon Homes in Canberra will impress and equip you with the answers you are seeking. Here are just a few of the key reasons why you should schedule a visit to a local showroom this weekend.

Don’t assume what a design feels like, experience it

There’s only so much you can take in from a brochure or a virtual tour of a property. The only way to get a feel for the fittings, fixtures, build quality and layout is to immerse yourself in it. Walk through a range of properties. Imagine yourself living in each of the zones. Get a sense for what works for you and what you’d want to change. Feel the door handles. Open and close the kitchen cupboards. You can’t do that from a computer. You must visit a display home.

Don’t assume you are locked into a floor plan

What you may see on a website or as part of a sales brochure is not the full range of building opportunities on offer either. Display homes have a qualified team of experts on site ready to work with you. Share your aims, talk about your block size and shape and what you are wanting from your new home. Together you can look at customisations, adjustments to floor plans and, most importantly, walk through every option available to ensure that your new home is exactly what you want.

Don’t limit yourself to one display home

Quality new home builders in Canberra—like Dixon Homes—offer locals a range of locations at which to view their display homes as well as a variety of designs suitable to each situation. Every home is built and styled to showcase unique features. Each home is tailored to the climate, the potential views offered from the property and even the shape of the land. It’s important that you take the time to visit a range of display homes, take note of what you like in each one and be prepared to visit them more than once.

Locking in a new home builder to help bring your dream property to life is a huge decision. Finding the right home is not a race; it’s not a process to be rushed. Whilst you will be keen to get the process rolling, remember that the more information you can gather now, the better equipped you will be to make the right choices. Visiting a display home before you commit to a new home builder in Canberra is essential. You’ll be exposed to a range of new design features that may not yet be advertised, you will get to experience floor plans and have the chance to create the home that suits your family and lifestyle. Draw inspiration from everything you see and you won’t regret it. By not assuming or limiting your vision, you’ll be proud to soon hold the keys to your new front door, built by new home builders in Canberra you can trust.

Visit a local showroom this weekend and start empowering yourself. Contact Dixon Homes Canberra today, map out your weekend to browse a range of display homes and don’t forget to ask as many questions to the design experts as you can think of.

Speak to the team at Dixon Homes in Canberra and have all your questions answered.