Three Home Building Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The best advice you’ll hear when the time comes for you to build a house in Canberra will come from the stories of others who have been there and done it before. Home building mistakes are all too common but easier to avoid than you may realise. Don’t let your home building experience be rife with delays, problems and stress. Building a new home should be an exciting time!

Arm yourself with information and be prepared. Here are three home building mistakes you can easily avoid repeating.

1. Failing to plan – design, budget and layout

As with all major decisions in life, planning your new home build is essential. Rushing into anything where the financial outlay is significant or where there are multiple elements to consider can lead to disaster. Home building mistakes are avoided where planning is a priority. This does not just involve budgeting and ensuring that you are being realistic about how much everything will cost, but also planning the home design itself. Really think about your new home and how it will suit you today, and how it may need to suit you in the future.

Planning the layout is key. Think ahead to how you will use space. Ensure there is adequate storage, consider floor plan optimization and even the placement of rooms. All this impacts how the flow of the house will work. Making changes when architectural drawings are locked in and the home building has commenced may not only be unsuccessful, but also very expensive.

2. Cutting corners on price

With the number of products available for appliances, fixtures and fittings and even building materials, it’s easy to give up and simply settle for the cheapest option. Cutting corners and choosing inferior products can lead to problems in the future. The key is to choose your homebuilder wisely. An experienced builder who is well-respected is ideal, but also consider a larger builder who has solid buying power. This means you benefit from their already well-oiled negotiating skills and enjoy quality products at a better price. A well-connected builder buys in bulk from suppliers they trust – and passes these benefits on to you.

3. Avoiding research – just who is the right building team?

Even if you are well versed with project management and feel you are able to coordinate the entire building process from start to finish, choosing to go it alone and not rely on the experts is a big mistake. Award winning, experienced and reliable building companies ensure those who form part of their teams are qualified, licensed, and come with the right mindset to ensure your needs are their top priority.

Home building mistakes are plentiful; however these three key errors can be easily avoided. Learn from those who have gone down the path before you and be prepared to take your time. Be clear on exactly what you want, be prepared to stick to your budget and ensure that your wish list is not only acknowledged by your chosen builder but also worked into the floor plan and design. At the end of the day, your new home is the place you will create new memories. Building should be a positive process from day one!

Not sure where to begin or seeking guidance on other common mistakes you can avoid? Call Dixon Homes in Canberra. Schedule time to pop into a local showroom, arm yourself with questions, pictures, design ideas and a feel for your financial limitations and get the ball rolling. Home building is what we do!

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